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Normally closed, pilot-operated, three port, two position valve with manual-open actuator
NACE Standard MR-01-75 compliant

The manual lockout relay Type 1250 (normally closed) is a pilot-operated, three port, two position valve with manual-open actuator. It may be side mounted or panel mounted with a maximum panel thickness of 4 mm. In the "locked out" position, service line pressure (Port 3) is vented to tank (Port 5) while the supply pressure (Port 4) is blocked. In this position the relay will function if a pressure supply is established at the pilot (Port 1). Thus a closing device must be connected downstream of the relay output with the relay pilot then connected downstream of the closing device, as illustrated in the schematic diagram.

With the remote closing device energised (actvated), the relay can be opened; i.e., supply pressure (Port 4) connected to service (Port 3) with tank (Port 5) blocked by depressing the operating knob – the supply pressure will assist the manual operator after approximately three-quarters of its travel to ensure positive operation of the valve changeover. The valve can only be closed by removal of the pilot supply pressure by a separate closing device, e.g., either a solenoid or a three-way manual valve – not by the manual action of pulling out the valve knob.

The valve slide (supplied in a normally closed configuration) has a "block before bleed" action – for example, the tank port is isolated before the pressure and service ports are interconnected.



Predominantly 316 stainless steel and CA104 aluminium-bronze with seals of fluorelastomers and PTFE materials, ensure high corrosion resistance and comply with NACE Standard MR-01-75 (latest revision as applicable).

Operating parameters

Working pressure 250 bar (3,625 psi) max.

Pilot pressure 69 bar (100 psi) minimum

Operating media Mineral oils, water, water-glycol mixtures with corrosion inhibitors

Connections 1/4"NPT tapped all ports

Flow rate, nominal 27 litres/min (6 imp galls/min)

Working temperature –20°C to + 130°C

Recommended filtration 3 micron

Port assignments

Port Connection
Port 1 Pilot
Port 2 Service
Port 3 Supply
Port 4 Tank


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