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Type 1073 shutdown

Types 1074, 1174

Type 1175 shutdown

Types 1200–6 lockout

Types 1250 lockout

Excess flow valves

Flowline pilot valves

Pilot-operated, three port, two position valves with manual reset
Designed for use in wellhead safety shutdown systems
NACE Standard MR-01-75 compliant

These lockout relays are pilot-operated, three port, two position valves with a manual reset knob, designed for panel mounting. In the "locked out" position, service line pressure (Port 2) is vented to tank (Port 4) while supply pressure (Port 3) is blocked. The relay will not operate if a pressure is applied to the pilot connection (Port 1).

The hand knob is pulled to reset the relay, blocking the tank (Port 4) and connecting supply pressure (Port 3) to the service line (Port 2). If a pilot supply is present the relay will immediately be held in this position. Where a pilot supply is not initially present, the relay can be fitted with a latch pin to maintain it mechanically in the actuated position. When a pilot supply is applied, this pin will automatically disengage.

Either loss of pilot pressure or pushing the hand knob returns the relay to the closed "locked out" position. The relay can be closed manually at all pilot pressures for gaseous media but only up to 70 psi pilot pressure for liquid media.

Specifically designed for use in wellhead safety shutdown systems, the relay is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and CA104 aluminium-bronze materials which meet the requirements of NACE Standard MR-01-75 (latest revision as applicable).


Operating parameters

Working pressure 10.3 bar (150 psi)

Pilot pressure 2.1 to 10.3 bar (30 to 150 psi)

Operating media
    – Types 1200, 1205
Air, natural and sour gases

Operating media
    – Types 1201, 1206
Mineral oils, water, water-glycol mixtures

Connections 1/8"NPT all ports

Working temperature –20°C to + 130°C

Manual close, maximum pilot pressures – gaseous media
10.3 bar (150psi)
Manual close, maximum pilot pressures – liquid media
4.8 bar (70psi)
Weight 1.1Kg

Port assignments

Port Connection
Port 1 Pilot
Port 2 Service
Port 3 Supply
Port 4 Tank


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