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Type 1073 shutdown

Types 1074, 1174

Type 1175 shutdown

Types 1200–6 lockout

Types 1250 lockout

Excess flow valves

Flowline pilot valves

Pilot-operated, three port, two position poppet valve with a spring-return action

Low friction fluid seals used for all dynamic sealing

Wide range of pilot supply pressures and wide range of pneumatic or hydraulic operating media

NACE Standard MR-01-75 compliant

Operating parameters

Working pressure 690 bar (10,000 psi) max.

Pilot pressure 2.1 to 10.3 bar (30 to 150 psi)

Operating media
    – poppet section
Mineral oils, water, water-glycol mixtures

Operating media
    – pilot section
Air, sour gas or one of the poppet media above.

Connections 1/4"NPT F all ports

Leakage rate 4ml/hour max

Flow rate, nominal 27 litres/min
(6 imp galls/min)

Master shutdown valve Type 1073 is a pilot-operated, three port, two position poppet valve with a spring-return action.

Manufactured from materials complying with NACE Standard MR-01-75 (latest revision as applicable). The valve can be used in many oil field and gas field applications. The piston-type pilot section of the valve is equally versatile, responding to a wide range of pilot supply pressures and any one of a variety of pneumatic or hydraulic operating media.

With the valve unoperated, Port 3 is connected to Port 5, while Port 4 is isolated. Pilot pressure, applied above the piston, displaces the valve stem, interconnecting Ports 3 and 4 and isolating Port 5. Low friction fluid seals are used for all dynamic sealing and the valve stem is of balanced design so that the valve can be connected for either normally-open or normally-closed operation.

The valve body has a fourth connection (port 2) for a pressure gauge. If this port is not used, it must be sealed with a 1/4"NPT plug (not supplied with the valve).

Pressure drop See performance curve

Working temperature –20°C to + 130°C

Recommended filtration 10 micron

Weight 2.5Kg

Performance curve

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